Medical Weight Loss

Houston Weight Loss & Lipo Centers offers the latest advances in bariatric medicine. Our comprehensive weight loss programs use a combination of prescription medications with low calorie diets and behavioral modification. We also offer pharmaceutical grade vitamins and weight loss supplements. With this customized approach, our patients can achieve faster and more effective weight loss results.

This program begins only after a complete pre-entry medical examination, which includes a lab test and a physical examination to determine specific requirements and appropriateness of the Medical Weight Loss package that is right for you. Monitoring of vitals and weight is performed on a weekly to monthly basis by our team of bariatric medical staff. Low calorie meals are planned and additional supplements are prescribed to maintain a nutritious, healthy diet while losing weight effectively.

Behavioral modifications are an integral part of weight loss if the pounds are to be kept off over the long term. Patients receive cognitive, behavioral and educative information as well as individual one-on-one counseling. During the weight loss program, each individual receives support and information about issues relating to weight loss, nutrition, exercise, psychology, behavior patterns, self-image and confidence. This information is vital during the process of fast weight loss and for the continuous maintenance of proper body weight.

Houston Weight Loss Centers provides a complete maintenance program after the weight loss plan is completed. In so doing, we help you maintain your new weight, which tends to become a challenging obstacle for most weight loss success stories. Leave it to the professionals at Houston Weight Loss Centers to guide you in your new healthy lifestyle.

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